Work in progress

by Tracey Metzger

After beating myself up about how undisciplined I can be, and being not very nice to myself, and considering giving up on trying to write on this little micro-blog every day (it’s only 102 words for crying out loud…how hard is that?), I decided to cut myself some slack and be a little gentler on myself.  If I was talking to a friend who was beating herself up, I would comfort her and encourage her to just start again from now.  I’d tell her to give herself a break.  I’d put things in perspective for her and tell her that it’s just not that big of a deal. I’d help her make a plan to do better if she really felt like she needed to. Why is it so hard to be kind to ourselves?

work-in-progress, negative self-talk, beating yourself up, grace

Imagine working on a beautiful painting and half way through, before all the colors and shading were added, you tore it up and threw it away because it didn’t look like what you envisioned the finished product to look like.

The colors, whether striking or soft, and the shading whether dark or subtle, add depth and character.  It may not look lovely at every interval as it’s being created but each line and stroke is important.

Don’t stop short of the masterpiece you are becoming.

You are becoming.